Monday, August 20, 2007


Am I the only non-Spanish speaking sofa spud who looked up the translation for "El Camino" after John Monad bought one in the finale of 'John From Cincinnatti'?

I'm a televisiologist. I have to figure that there is meaning in every little trivial nugget.

And sure enough! "El Camino" translates to "The Way".

Perhaps as in "I am The Way, The Truth, And The Life"?

If the only way to meet The Father is through Jesus and/or John, then perhaps the El Camino served to introduce us to Him as the salesman at the car dealership. After all, he was spouting the same lines as John was.

And John embraced the El Camino with his arms spread... as if he was about to be crucified. (Not sure though if that's what I should have read into that.)

Just sayin', is all.....

Here's how the scene played out, courtesy of the HBO website. (Replace "Camino" with "Way" and "Father" for "Pops"......)

[Linc and Jake and John with the owner/operator of Cherry Oldies Used Car Sales. The Dealer's appearance invokes P.T. Barnum's trustworthiness, and his manner Chicken Little's hurried angst]

DEALER: I feel that you boys are ready for this Camino ....

LINC: (Includes Jake) Between the two of us we own more cars than you have on this lot. My guess is that your feeling's probably right.

DEALER: That's not what I mean by ready – number of vehicles owned.

JAKE: What do you mean, Pops?

LINC: We got to, uh, boogie.

DEALER: Oh, so I've got to know what I mean before I can have a feeling. Do I have to know that you'll understand me? Do you have to know you'll understand before you'll listen? Twenty-five cars between you -- you should've let me sit down before you told me. I got that many dealerships in each of that many sectors, and brands on goddamn franchise. I've got to boogie, me.

JOHN: He feels you're ready for the Camino.

DEALER (to John) You're off-line now, Country.

JOHN: I don't know Butchie instead.

DEALER: (To Linc and Jake, re John) How's he for high-performance? And he ain't who's worst-underpowered. Intrusions, evanescences – I'm a shepherd without crook or understanding. Fits and stops and starts. Waves and ripples and ramifications. Busted knee, mother-son handjob .... Christ, Jesus Christ Jesus Christ. Crosses and shoulders to bear 'em. El Camino, fifteen thousand, as is.

LINC: Is it gassed?

JOHN: F**king-A right it's gassed Linc.

[John pulls the money out of his pocket.]

DEALER: You and your twenty-five cars. Circle and line on the wall, and zeros and goddamned ones, is what to turn the both of your gifts to and not one damn minute to waste.

JOHN: Ragheads are going to get themselves eradicated.

DEALER: (vigorously interrupting John) Country, I took you off-line. (calling off camera, re El Camino) Manuel, get a cage on this thing.

[John leans over the hood of the El Camino and employs the entirety of his wingspan to offer it a hug.]

I don't know Butchie instead.....

BCnU, and may God bless......
Toby OB

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