Friday, August 24, 2007


We won't be getting any new episodes of 'Lost' until February 2008, but that doesn't mean we can't still propose other links between it and other series. And today I want to suggest one that exists between 'Lost' and 'Diagnosis Murder'.

This one isn't so much a new link, as both shows were already connected via Oceanic Airlines. As everybody knows, Oceanic Flight 815 broke up in mid-air over the DHARMA island in September of 2004. And Flight 456 from LAX to Switzerland was the setting for the 'Diagnosis Murder' episode "Murder In The Air".

Oceanic Airlines also links those two shows to the following TV series and TV movies:

'The War At Home' ("The West Palm Beach Story")
'JAG' ("The Bridge At Kang So Ri" & "Vanished")
'LAX' ("Senator's Daughter")
"Code 11-14"
"Nowhere To Land"
"Panic In The Skies"
"Category Six: Day Of Destruction" (most likely an alternate dimension)

But now we have a new link forged between 'Lost' and 'Diagnosis Murder'!

In the finale of the third season for 'Lost', "Through The Looking Glass", we saw news footage of the crash caused by Jack's attempt to commit suicide on the Sixth Street Bridge in Los Angeles. That footage was courtesy of Action 8 News.

Back in 1995 (as we saw in "Death In The Daytime", an episode of 'Diagnosis Murder'), the newscaster for Channel 8 had her first big story, which focused on a murder that took place on the set of 'The Young & The Restless'. (It had to be her first big story at that station, because not long before that she was reporting the news in Detroit, as seen in the 'Sister, Sister' episode "Field Trip". Sherri Paysinger played both parts.)

Action 8 News is a great link for Toobworld. TV stations are always being needed for fictional purposes on TV shows, and there are only so many numerical designations to go around in any given market. If a TV series needs to create a fictional TV station in Los Angeles, the producers will have to resort to one not currently being used.

So there's a very good chance that one day LA's Channel 8 will provide yet another link for the greater glory of Toobworld. (And the call letters being different won't matter. When TV stations are sold, they oftentimes apply to change their call letters to reflect their new identity.)

Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel!
Toby OB

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