Friday, July 27, 2007


Now that the "death march with cocktails" (as Tim Goodman calls it) officially known as the TCA press tour is over, I'd like to take a look at some of those shows returning in the fall as well. I thought I'd use my wish-craft to put together a list of classic TV characters whom I think would make for a nice guest appearance in one of those "very special episodes" that usually crop up during Sweeps.

Gloria Bunker Stivic ('All In The Family', 'Gloria')
In the years since her spin-off 'Gloria', Sally Struthers' most famous character may have moved back to her home borough in New York City. We know that her son Joey Stivic visited his grandparents' former home in the pilot episode of '704 Houser', and since the Cumberbatches were now living there, Gloria would have to find a new residence. She could even become a recurring character in Betty's neighborhood, perhaps even a romantic interest for Ignacio.

'30 ROCK'
Mary Richards Cronin ('The Mary Tyler Moore Show')
Lemon and Mayr... what a combo that would be! We know from the TV movie "Mary And Rhoda" that Mary lives in Manhattan now and is back in the TV news business. Perhaps she could produce a news profile on Liz or Tracy or better yet, on Jack! And maybe she could have a meltdown when meeting with Mr. Geis, one of the network's head honchos. "Oh, Mr. Geis!!!!"

Maurice Minnifield ('Northern Exposure')
A trip to Elmo from Cicely on business could bring the ex-astronaut into town where his somewhat neanderthalish, chauvinistic attitudes would lead to him butting heads with Marin.

Richard Fish & John Cage ('Ally McBeal')
We've seen representatives from other law firms visit the offices of Crane, Poole, & Schmidt in the past. And since Fish & Cage are alumni of another David E. Kelley series, it would seem like a natural for them to make an appearance here. It's not like DEK would be afraid of making a cross-network crossover.... After all, he's had a lot of experience with that in the past.

Fox Mulder ('The X-Files')
David Duchovny's recent announcement at the TCA press tour that plans are in the works for a new movie based on his former show would probably negate any chance for Spooky's appearance on this show. Of course, once the movie was finished, an appearance on 'Supernatural' might make for a nice transistion/set-up for the movie, advance publicity. The fact that Sam and Dean travel all over the country investigating the types of cases that Mulder lived for makes it an ideal showcase for his return. But the rival network stigma might also be a factor in keeping this from happening. (Would've been cool though!)

Finally, here are two suggestions that would have to wait until next summer....

John Doe ('John Doe')
Both John and Kyle were introduced in the same manner - naked in the woods of the Pacific Northwest, with no memory of who they are or were. Since 'John Doe' ended with no real resolution, perhaps they could use the recent news about the 'Vanished' wrap-up coming to 'Bones' as inspiration. Perhaps we could learn that the origins of 'John Doe' can be found at Madacorp.

Lt. Columbo ('Columbo')
The Lieutenant must be considered a legend by everybody in the High Priority Homicide division. And he may have had assistance from Flynn and Provenza earlier in their careers when they were just starting out as detectives on the force. It might be fun to see how Columbo, known for working alone and with his old-fashioned sense of crime-solving style, would mesh with Deputy Chief Johnson's team. And we KNOW his bumbling demeanor would probably drive the hyper-tense Brenda straight up the wall.

So those are just a few suggestions I had for "mash-ups", all for the greater glory of Toobworld!

Do you have any you'd like to share?

Toby OB


Brent McKee said...

A more obvious one for Men In Trees would be for Chris and his brother Bernard to show up and meet Patrick and his half brother.

Toby said...

Good one, Brent! I had considered the Chris in the Morning option, especially as Patrick did a radio show as well. But I admit I had forgotten about Chris' half-brother.

You'd think Brand & Falsey would have spoken out about the copying.... and maybe they have and I just missed it.