Friday, July 27, 2007


My friend Michael tells me that with the production of the 'Dead Like Me' movie soon to be underway, the creators are looking to recast the role of Daisy Adair. Daisy was a member of the team of Reapers on the series who was played by Laura Harris.

I'm sure most of the speculation about this revival has been centering on whether or not Mandy Patinkin might return as Rube Sofer now that he's severed his ties to 'Criminal Minds'. It doesn't look likely based on this synopsis of the movie from

“When Calvin Kane, a slick businessman who couldn't care less about helping the newly dead, takes over Rube's [the character played by Patinkin] Head Reaper duties, all hell breaks loose, bringing out the worst in Daisy, Roxy, and Mason. George, however, is determined to set her latest, botched reap right, especially because the boy who was supposed to die, Hudson Hart, is her little sister Reggie's secret boyfriend. In the process, George and Reggie re-connect for real, for the first time.”

But from a Toobworld perspective, it's the rumor about Daisy that concerns me more.

I'd rather see them start fresh rather than recast the role. Daisy was already an addition to the cast; Laura Harris replaced Rebecca Gayheart, whose character of Betty decided to let her soul leap into the Unknown. The same could be used as a splainin as to why Daisy is no longer a member of Rube's team. And a new Reaper could be introduced either as a sub-plot or with just a quick line tossed off to note the change in the line-up.

As Ellen Muth said in her MySpace page, "We all hate change but it has been two years since season 2 so there has to be evolution.” So part of that evolution should have been the exit of Daisy entirely from the scene and a new character brought in.

However, after reading more about the upcoming movie at Wikipedia, my complaints would have fallen on deaf ears; the script seems to be locked in with Daisy's acting background playing a pivotal part.

And so it goes.....

The concept of these Reapers leading dull afterlives with celestial civil servant occupations already demands the willing suspension of disbelief. (And gets it easily, I'd say.) But recasting a previously existing character just reminds the audience that it's just another TV show.

Or, in this case, movie.....

I'm just sayin', is all.

Toby OB

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