Monday, July 23, 2007


I got a kick out of the first episode of 'Mad Men' which premiered on AMC last Thursday night. I think it fed right into my enjoyment of the time period as seen in "Good Night And Good Luck", the movie about Edward R. Murrow's clash with Senator Joe McCarthy.

And that first episode presented a very good example of why Toobworld should never be confused with the real world; that it's not supposed to be an exact copy of what happens in our world (when it comes to the small details, anyway).

Star-Ledger TV columnist Alan Sepinwall (link to the left, folks!) caught this example of the differences between the "Viewniverse" and the "Trueniverse":

"It's Toasted" was an actual Lucky Strikes slogan, but one that dates back to 1917. Over the run of the series, [Matthew] Weiner's going to be playing a little loose with this area, using actual brands but either inventing new campaigns or giving Don credit for other men's work.

So it may turn out that the 'Mad Men' at the Sterling Cooper Agency will take credit for such slogans as "Good To The Last Drop" and "It's grrrrrrrrRRRREAT!"

Toby OB

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