Tuesday, July 24, 2007


This is from E! Online:

"Do you remember that 'Vanished' show with Gale Harold from last season that vanished from the airwaves? I hear that the mystery from that show is going to be resolved on 'Bones' this season. Fabulous, yes?"

I have yet to find any other verification of this story, but I'll be watching it with great interest!

Anybody ever hear of something like this happening before? Where the resolution of one show is taken care of on another series after the first one is cancelled? I'm thinking it must have happened with some show that was a spin-off of another, like one of the 'Star Trek' or 'Law & Order' franchise shows. But I think this might be a first for two series unrelated to each other.

The closest thing that comes to mind is an episode of 'Diagnosis Murder' which updated a case from 'Mannix'. In that instance, it was more a case of filling in a few loopholes caused by the original script which caused the original case to make more sense. There was also an episode of 'Murder, She Wrote' which brought closure to a film noir classic.

This is something I always hoped for with a show like 'Coronet Blue', and as long as Frank Converse is still alive, the hope is alive. Resolution for that long-ago summer series could be easily wrapped up on a show like 'CSI: NY' or 'Without A Trace'.

Think of all those shows that either ended on a cliff-hanger, or were cancelled before their time. There must be a show out there for each of them! ('Doctor Who' quickly comes to mind as the deus ex machina to resolve many of them set in the past.)

Toby OB

[Thanks to Rob of "The Medium Is Not Enough" for the tip.]


MediumRob said...

Millennium was sort of resolved by an episode of The X-Files. But not really.

And I believe there was a sort of conclusion to Manimal on Nightman, complete with Simon Macorkindale (sp?).

I'll let you know if others come to mind

MediumRob said...

Prey gets a very brief conclusion in The Invisible Man, I now recall.

Toby said...

Thanks, Rob!

I have that episode of 'Nightman' on a 'Manimal' DVD bootleg, but have yet to watch it. And I remember reading about a character from 'Prey' appearing in a jail cell cameo on 'The Invisible Man'. (Adam Storke as Tom Daniels, although he was listed as "Prisoner in Cell" at IMDb.com.)

The 'Millennium'/'The X-Files' crossover conclusion is the best example and even then, they sort of had a connection already - both were Chris Carter productions and both had Charles Nelson Reilly appearing as Jose Chung.

I know we're a curious subset of TV geeks, but I'm betting this news will be very exciting for crossover enthusiasts!