Monday, July 23, 2007


When Oma Desala (aka Mother Nature) tried for a second time to "ascend" Daniel Jackson after death, she brought him to a plane of existence situated between Life, Death, and Ascension. For Daniel's mind to grasp his surroundings, that dimensional plane resembled a waffle house.

In fact, it was the same waffle house Daniel had visited as a child with his grandfather. And this would be the same waffle house where Rube and his team of Reapers gathered to get their daily assignments. So that means that at some point after the deaths of his parents in NYC, Daniel's grandfather Nick Ballard took him to Seattle.

The gathered higher beings must have been amused by the coincidence being so tied into Life and Death....

'Stargate SG1' - "Threads"
'Dead Like Me' - entire series

Toby OB

[Thanks to the Westphallians for the tip!]


Jaia said...

Hey, sweetie!

You've said before that "Stargate SG1" takes place in an alternate dimension because William Devane was the POTUS for that world.

So you saying that "Dead Like Me" has to be kicked out of Toobworld too? I was kind of hoping it could be linked to a few more TV shows....

Toby said...

It still works. Although the focus of the show was set in an alternate dimension, there was a Stargate in the original Toobworld. We even met some of their versions of the main characters over the years with episodes about parallel universes.

So, relax, Jaia. 'Dead Like Me' can remain behind on Earth Prime-Time.