Monday, January 8, 2007


"I bet if this was a movie,
there'd be one of those ominous chords right about now
Lincoln Meyer
'Boston Legal'

As it turned out, there was an ominous musical cue as soon as Lincoln uttered that line. But there was no indication that he and Shirley Schmidt heard it. So it was only there for our benefit viewing at home, in much the same way cast credits at the beginning of episodes aren't part of the Toobworld firmament.

Therefore no Zonk, nor any proof that Lincoln could have been tele-cognizant.....

However, Denny Crane and Alan Shore remain tele-cognizant, aware that they exist in a TV Universe. However, I don't think that splains Denny's use of cue cards in his office when trying to fake a heart-to-heart with his diminutive girlfriend. For the most part, the message on the cards held up by Alan seemed to be generic enough for Denny to use in similar situations in the past. And we know he's had to break bad news to his lovers in that office plenty of times; so having the cue cards would come in handy especially with his onset of "mad cow disease" (so he says).


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