Sunday, January 7, 2007


Nora Lee is a televisiologist of great dedication who also looks at the world beyond what is shown to us on the screen each week in our favorite shows.

Here, as she espoused in the Idiot's Delight Digest, are her views about the curriculum at Dillon High School:

I watch all the non-procedural dramas so of course I'm watching "Friday Night Lights" (moving to Wednesdays once the American Idol juggernaut blows through in January). I've watched all of Kyle Chandler's shows, the females are even interesting (I always root for the coach's wife and daughter) and the romances are sweet (I didn't get that whole episode with the traveling salesman, though if they thought that was to try and get women to watch who like me know zilch about football -hey I know zilch about poker but have already seen "Casino Royale" twice for the new Bond.)

But I'm waiting to find out if that high school in Texas does in fact have classes besides physical and sex education. I picture the rest of the student body who may in fact be going to math, English and social studies classes cowering in the hallways as the footballers and cheerleaders sweep through. I assume there'll be an episode where a teacher tries to stick to principle and wants to flunk one of the footballers.

Since she posted that, her concerns may have been addressed....

And here's a Wish-craft from me - please can we get Karen Valentine to show up as Alice Johnson, her character from 'Room 222'? I think she would fit in nicely there, thirty years plus after her time working with Pete Dixon and Principal Kaufman.....


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