Thursday, January 11, 2007


When 'The Knights Of Prosperity' began to waver in their commitment to rob Mick Jagger, they tried to think of other celebrity possibilities.

Rockefeller suggested Fran Drescher, as she had "all that 'Nanny' money."

If they were in the real world, Rockefeller would have been talking about her sitcom 'The Nanny'. But they're in Toobworld, sharing the same universe as Fran Fine Sheffield.

This hasn't been the first time a TV show zonked 'The Nanny'; and as she was such a distinctive character, it probably won't be the last......

Show: Living With Fran (WB)
Episode: Reuniting With Fran
The Setup: Fran played by Fran Drescher has broken up with Riley. Riley and his friend Danny have gone to Fran’s place to get his drill. Riley leaves to get it and Danny and Fran talk.

Fran: How’s he really doing?
Danny: He’s a basket case. He watched a rerun of The Nanny and he got all sad 'cause she reminded him of you.
Fran: That is sweet, but her voice!

[Thanks to TVaholic!]

So this all needs a really good splainin so that 'The Nanny' as a person named Fran Fine and 'The Nanny' as TV show starring Fran Drescher can exist in the same reality.

I'm hoping this will prove to be the best - and easiest! - option:

Fran Drescher starred in a TV show called 'The Nanny', but it was not about Fran Fine, a nanny who just happened to resemble her. I think the Toobworld version of the show was actually a reality show like 'Nanny 911' or 'Supernanny'.

Shows like that could be hosted by comic actors. Take for example, Caroline Rhea ('The Biggest Loser'), Jay Mohr ('Last Comic Standing'), and Howie Mandel ('Deal Or No Deal').

And so this splainin would keep Fran Drescher and Fran Fine (a future inductee into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame) co-existing in the same dimension.

Zonk averted!


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