Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I haven't dropped some quatloos on TV DVDs since I got the boxed set for 'The Adventures Of Brisco County, Jr.' near the end of last year. So today I decided to give my FYE club card a bit of a workout.

Here's what I got:

'Archie Bunker's Place' - the first season

'Taxi' - the first season (the price was dropped to about 17 bucks)

'Extras' - the first season

'Columbo' - the fifth season

'Star Wars: A New Hope' - It's the only movie in the series I plan to get. For me, that "first" movie in the series was the best and self-contained. And since I might not get another chance to get the original version on DVD once this is taken off the market, I figured I'd better move quickly. I didn't like any of the additions and changes (Greedo did NOT fire first!), and I think somebody should make sure George doesn't keep fiddling with the film.

I went into FYE with the goal of picking up the boxed set for 'Stacked', a guilty pleasure. But it was the one thing I didn't get - apparently it's not in stock there.

As I said, the show was a guilty pleasure. Yes, I liked it! But I also went to a taping back in November of 2005 with my soultwin Shirley, for an episode that never was broadcast. So I want to see how it turned out.

And compare it to my memories of Pamela, unfiltered......

Next week on my buying binge - the complete collection of 'Get Smart'!



Ivan G. said...

As a totally impartial and neutral observer, the Get Smart collection is the best DVD purchase you'll make all year. There's so much extra stuff on it I've yet to get past Season 1.

CogSci Librarian said...

what about Battlestar Galactica?

You'd love it, I know you would ...