Thursday, January 25, 2007


TV news reporter Holly Ellenbogen has been excised from 'The Class' roster. No longer on the show, she's missing from the opening credits where the little kids morph into their adult versions.

Not that she was in much of the sitcom by the end of her run; there really wasn't much the writers could probably do with her while she was saddled with that effeminate heterosexual caricature of a husband.

And it's not like she'd have to be part of the others' lives forever, just because she reconnected at a third-grade reunion party and maybe had her ex-boyfriend (now gay) over for Thanksgiving dinner. People easily drift away and never come back into the lives of others with much stronger bonds than these people shared.

It's just that it feels somewhat orwellian about the way her character just disappeared; wiped clean from even the publicity pictures that once contained her image in the group.

What's especially disturbing is that if the show's creators don't address the issue of her absence, disturbed people like me will be left to fill in the blanks. And considering how we last saw her - being threatened by Richie's crazy, violent wife, - it's not hard to imagine that Holly Ellenbogen has gone from being a news reporter to becoming a news story. She's probably providing the nutrients in some pastoral piece of Pennsylvania countryside by now.......

Just sayin', is all.

By the way, she may not have been that interesting a character and everything about her was TOO sitcom/cartoonish, but at least Holly Ellenbogen had one of the best names to come along in Toobworld for some time.

Nothing I hate more than those boring TV names like Tim Taylor, Bob McKay, even the names for otherwise classic TV characters like Andy Taylor and Mary Richards! The last name of "Ellenbogen" just made it more of a challenge to do one of those theories of "relateeveety" for Holly......


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