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This week's Entertainment Weekly has a great story about the return of 'Heroes' to the NBC sked on Monday (1/22) at 9 pm. Based on that, this Inner Toob essay does contain a spoiler....

With the introduction on Monday of Christopher Eccleston's "Invisible Man", there will be a "large element of mythology" revealed. According to Tim Kring, the show's creator, we're about to learn "that there was a whole previous generation of heroes and they had adventures of their own".

This being a blog about the TV Universe in general, its' my contention that we've seen some of these previous heroes before in other TV series.

Here are a few others who should be included:

MUTANT X TEAM - As the powers might be regarded as the result of some kind of mutation, the team of heroes from 'Mutant X' are all likely candidates for consideration.

JIMBO COBB - Something of a drifter, Jimbo Cobb would be the "Prime Mover" (if they used code names) as he had the power of telekinesis. Like many of the current roster of heroes, he found himself in Las Vegas, where he saw how his powers to move objects could corrupt even his best friend. Since that time in the early sixties, Jimbo kept his abilities to himself, using them only in an emergency, like saving people in a car crash.

If he's still alive in the TV Universe, Jimbo Cobb would be in his mid nineties. (The man who portrayed him, Buddy Ebsen, passed away just a few years ago.) ('The Twilight Zone' - "The Prime Movier")

BEN RICHARDS - Because of rare antibodies in his O-negative blood, race car driver Ben Richards was basically immortal. This made him a target of billionaire Arthur Maitland, whose family had been obsessed wiht the aging process since back in the days of 'The Wild, Wild West' ("The Night Of The Sedgewick Curse").

It's more than likely that Ben and his brother Jason were killed years ago by those desperate enough to do anything to gain control of the Richards brothers' blood platelets. ('The Immortal')

ROB ROBERTS - Not all of these mutations result in powers. Some, like Rob Roberts, find themselves born as hideous monsters. And like Sylar, Rob Roberts had a craving for human brains. (Although we still don't know if Sylar eats them, Rob Roberts was always "Hungry" for brains.)

Rob Roberts was eventually gunned down by two FBI agents who worekd in the Bureau's 'X-Files' department.

Rob Roberts may not have even been human. He might have been some off-shoot of humanity raised as a human; perhaps a denizen of one of the many underground empires in Toobworld.

This phenomena is not limited to Earth Prime-Time. The dimension in which 'Smallville' takes place has shown that Lex Luthor is already committed his financial resources in studying the enhancement of "people with capabilities".

Well, those are just a few suggestions as to who else might be considered similar to the current crop of 'Heroes'. Whom might you suggest as a member of Homo Superior?


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