Monday, January 22, 2007


Here's something offbeat for the League of Themselves:

In the real world, Zoe Sharp is a mystery novelist with a successful line of mysteries to her credit which feature her character Charlie Fox.

Here's an edited version of her bio from her website:

In 1988, on the strength of one accepted article, Zoe Sharp gave up her regular job to become a freelance photo-journalist, and has been making a living writing and photographing ever since, mainly for the motoring press.

Her professional writing career took off in 2001 with the publication of the first Charlie Fox book - Killer Instinct. This was followed by Riot Act (2002) and Hard Knocks (2003). In 2004, Charlie Fox found herself in Florida in the breakneck thriller First Drop, published by Piatkus in the UK (2004) and by her new American publishers, St Martin's Press, in September 2005.

Zoƫ lives in Cumbria, and is married, but says she would rather have a motorbike than children. Her hobbies are sailing, fast cars, (and faster motorbikes), target shooting, travel, films, music, and reading just about anything she can get her hands on. She and her husband, Andy, who is a non-fiction author, have just finished self-building their own house.

But in Toobworld, the televersion of Zoe Sharp had an altogether different destiny. And I used the past tense for a reason......

Here's an excerpt from the description of Friday night's episode of 'Psych':

Henry reminds Connors about an old case of a woman named Zoe Sharp, who was killed by a mountain lion, but Connors always thought it was murder.

Henry tells [Shawn] that Zoe Sharp was Crocker's assistant and there was a rumor that they were having an affair. There wasn't any proof and Connors was always upset they couldn't nail Crocker for her death.

So, in the TV Universe, Zoe Sharp must have moved from England to Santa Barbara, California, and instead of becoming a mystery writer, she worked for the owner of a chain of family-oriented restaurants.

Zoe Sharp's onscreen life certainly didn't measure up to that of her real life, which is not how it usually goes in Toobworld. And getting killed as well o'bviously made it worse - especially when your corpse is eaten by a mountain lion.

The blame can be traced to her friend and fellow author, Lee Goldberg, who was a driving force behind 'Diagnosis Murder' and has written episodes of 'Monk'.

Turnabout is fair play, so maybe a character named "Lee Goldberg" should suffer an equally gruesome demise in the next Charlie Fox mystery!

Just sayin', is all....


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