Monday, January 22, 2007


The Comics Continuum contacted Al Gough, the executive producer of 'Smallville', and asked if there would be a spin-off featuring the superheroes who appeared in the recent episode "Justice".

"No plans for the moment for a Green Arrow spin-off. Sorry," Gough said in response. "No plans to bring the entire Justice League back this season, but you may see several members toward the end of the season!"

So as it stands now in that alternate dimension (shared by 'Smallville' and 'The West Wing'), Green Arrow, Cyborg, Aquaman, and Impulse (who should be called Flash, I'm sorry!) are off on their quest to shut down Luthorcorp.'s secret project known as "33.1".

One thing that wasn't addressed in the episode was that Aquaman had undergone a change in his physical appearance. If I'm not mistaken, this was the third alteration. (Although his second "regeneration" was in the unaired pilot - but which was available for viewing online. That actor is now playing the Green Arrow in the show! Such headaches for the televisiologist!)

In the real world, of course, the reason is due to recasting. But for that alternate dimension of Toobworld, Aquaman aka "AC" may have been exposed to the equivalent of the theoretical meteor that altered the appearance of Ginger Grant of 'Gilligan's Island' in the main Toobworld.

If that dimension's version of the island also sank beneath the waves, that meteor might have poisoned the ocean's waters and continued to affect human physiology once Aquaman got too close to it.

Just an idea for now, and as it's all part of a different dimension from the main Toobworld, it's not really a high priority at this time.



MediumRob said...

Nah. It was Alan Ritchson in both Aqua and Justice, so that's only two incarnations of AC to deal with.

Toby said...

Thanks, Rob!

One of my failings as a televisiologist is that I don't follow through with online research after writing up the bulk of a post off-line. That's what happened here - I could have (and should have!) gone to the and checked out who has played Arthur Curry/Aquaman in the past in regards to 'Smallville'.

But at least now it's given me something to write up for an addendum tomorrow!

And welcome back from jury "doody"!

MediumRob said...

My hazy memory recalled last night that the Mercy Reef pilot originally called for Will Toale to play AC and Justin Hartley took over from him. I don't think they'd actually filmed anything with Toale, so I don't know what kind of meta-universe he lives in as AC.

And thanks for the welcome. It's good to be back!