Tuesday, June 20, 2006



Milo Janus was a highly successful promoter of physical fitness who controlled a chain of gyms bearing his name. But in 1974, he was arrested by Lt. Columbo for murdering one of the franchisees who was threatening to expose the way Janus was squeezing the franchise operators for padded expenses.

At that time, Milo Janus was in his mid-fifties, meaning that if he is still alive, he'd be nearly ninety now; certainly more than old enough to have had a family earlier in his life. (He was unmarried at the time of the 'Columbo' episode "An Exercise In Fatality".)

So it's my contention that it's entirely possible that Milo Janus fathered a son named Malcolm in the late 1950s.

Malcolm would then grow up to be a shadowy figure meddling behind the scenes in America's politics, who would begin pulling the strings in the career of Congressman Greg Stillson of Maine.

Malcolm Janus has so far proven to be so powerful and assured of his skills in manipulating people, that he was able to use psychic Johnny Smith's talents against him to further his own agenda. This was seen in the episode "Forbidden Fruit", which opened this possibly final season of 'The Dead Zone'.

Janus was the name of a two-faced god.

Like father, like son......


"I don't care what you think.
I don't care what you suspect
Milo Janus

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