Thursday, June 22, 2006


Crossovers aren't the only aspect of the TV Universe that should be of interest. The trivial details of the inner reality of shows should bring scrutiny as well.

That's what I try to do here with my splainins. And that's why I enjoy finding a blog or web site that does the same thing, even if many of them focus on only one show, their author's personal realm of interest.

Rachel Thomas is a TV Guide writer is a blogger who, like me, looks at the twigs of the whole forest rather than just on one particular tree.

She shares her wonderment over the niggling little details that would keep us both awake at night trying to sort them out, in much the same way 'Columbo' wouldn't be able to sleep if he was puzzling over "just one more thing".

Rachel's musings are also published in the print edition of TV Guide, and this week she had a real pip:

"Movie star Vince Chase has basically put his whole crew on his payroll. His best friend Eric is his manager. His big brother Drama is his chef. And Turtle is his driver. Eric's job is the only one that seems W-2-form legit. But I wonder: Does Vince proved dental coverage for the others?"

And then she went on to Google what antifreeze would really taste like, in connection to the season finale of 'Big Love'.

My kind of woman!

The name of Rachel Thomas' blog is "Is It Just Me?"

No, it's not just you, and I'm glad for the company.

You can find Rachel's blog here.


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