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Arthur Franz was a character actor whose name was more recognizable to me than what he looked like. (I most associate him from the many episodes of 'Perry Mason' that he did; always catching the name in the end credits.)

If I'm not alone in that inability to recall what he looked like as the actor, perhaps that's a mark of how good he was at inhabiting the character. Unlike other character actors who can turn a performance into a star turn where you never forget you're watching Ed Begley, or Lee J. Cobb, Franz blended into the world he was helping to create, whether it was a small patch o' Toobworld or in the vast Cineverse.

Upon learning he had died, I visited Spooky Tom's gallery celebrating hundreds of genre actors; to see frame grabs of Arthur Franz in the many sci-fi and horror films (as well as a few TV series episodes) he did since the 1950s.

And despite the cosmopolitan quality to his name, Arthur Franz did have an Everyman quality to his look. And that explains, from a Real World perspective, why so many residents of Toobworld resembled him. His roster of characters puts those of Robert Urich to shame; and Urich is the inspiration for the Toobworld term "urichosis": the phenomenon in which so many people can look alike to the viewing audience and yet not cause recognition from those characters who have actually met other characters looking similar.

I know. It's a tough one to splain. But Arthur Franz was a leading example of the condition.

May he rest in peace.

"The Nurses" (1965) TV Series .... Hugh McLeod (1965-1967)
"World of Giants" (1959) TV Series .... Bill Winters

- The Island Caper (1972) TV Episode .... Steven Carr
- To Kill a Guinea Pig (1972) TV Episode .... Steven Carr

"The 20th Century-Fox Hour"
- Deadline Decision (1957) TV Episode .... Ben Macready
- The Late George Apley (1955) TV Episode .... Howard Boulder

Jennifer: A Woman's Story (1979) (TV) .... Dick Leonard
Murder or Mercy (1974) (TV) .... Dr. Raymond Eckworth

The Last Hurrah (1977) (TV) .... Hack Wiles

Bogie (1980) (TV) .... Dr. Bogart
The Amazing Howard Hughes (1977) (TV) .... Barnes
F. Scott Fitzgerald in Hollywood (1976) (TV) .... Man at party
The Missiles of October (1974) (TV) .... Congressman Halleck
"Profiles in Courage"
- George Mason (1965) TV Episode .... James Madison
"Hallmark Hall of Fame"
- A Story About Henry Ford (1955) TV Episode .... Henry Ford

"The Waltons"
- The Seashore (1977) TV Episode .... Chief Moresdale
"The Quest"
- Portrait of a Gunfighter (1976) TV Episode .... Charles Minter
"Medical Story"
- The Quality of Mercy (1976) TV Episode
"The Rookies"
- The Old Neighborhood (1974) TV Episode .... Vic Phillips
"Police Story"
- The Wyatt Earp Syndrome (1974) TV Episode .... Professor
"The New Perry Mason"
- The Case of the Wistful Widower (1973) TV Episode .... Dave Wallant
"Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law"
- The Pool House (1973) TV Episode
"Mission: Impossible"
- Crack-Up (1972) TV Episode .... Dr. Adler
- The Choice (1970) TV Episode .... First Minister Andre Picard
- Give My Regrets to Broadway (1972) TV Episode .... Charlie Harrington
"The F.B.I."
- The Recruiter (1971) TV Episode
- The Architect (1970) TV Episode .... Stacy Merriman
- Scapegoat (1969) TV Episode .... Carl
- Region of Peril (1968) TV Episode .... Joseph Daly
- The Conspirators (1967) TV Episode .... John Caldwell
- To Save a Dead Man (1971) TV Episode .... Father Vale
"The Mod Squad"
- The Sands of Anger (1971) TV Episode
- The Hot, Hot Car (1971) TV Episode
- Lisa (1969) TV Episode .... Cliff Bates
- Love (1968) TV Episode .... Arthur Westphal
"Storefront Lawyers"
- Hostage (1971) TV Episode .... Henry Millett
"Hawaii Five-O"
- The One with the Gun (1970) TV Episode .... Del Enright
- Devil's Blessing (1969) TV Episode .... Sheriff Platt
"Land of the Giants"
- Target: Earth (1969) TV Episode .... Franzen
"The Virginian"
- Big Tiny (1968) TV Episode .... Sheriff Mike Miller
- No Tears for Savannah (1963) TV Episode .... Fitz Warren
"The Outcasts"
- My Name Is Jemal (1968) TV Episode .... Anse Farnum
"The Invaders"
- The Life Seekers (1968) TV Episode .... Jim Trent
- The Pit (1968) TV Episode .... Jim Trump
- Massacre (1967) TV Episode .... Grey Fox/Bledsoe
- Algie B for Brave (1967) TV Episode .... Dan Morrisey
"Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea"
- The Condemned (1965) TV Episode .... Archer
"Slattery's People"
- Question: What Did You Do All Day, Mr. Slattery? (1965) TV Episode .... Morris
"Mr. Novak"
- Little Girl Lost (1964) TV Episode .... Det. Sgt. Sol Moss
- With a Hammer in His Hand, Lord, Lord! (1964) TV Episode
"Perry Mason"
- The Case of the Fifty-Millionth Frenchman (1964) TV Episode .... Ray Ogilvie
- The Case of the Captain's Coins (1962) TV Episode .... Evans
- The Case of the Larcenous Lady (1960) TV Episode .... Mayor Henderson
- The Case of the Golden Fraud (1959) TV Episode .... Richard Vanaman
- The Case of the Married Moonlighter (1958) TV Episode .... Danny Harrison
"77 Sunset Strip"
- Reunion at Balboa (1963) TV Episode .... Lieutenant Rudy
- The Space Caper (1961) TV Episode .... Dr. Alex Conley
"Wagon Train"
- The Annie Duggan Story (1963) TV Episode .... Dan Highet
- The Jud Steele Story (1962) TV Episode .... Nathan Forge
"Saints and Sinners"
- Judith Was a Lady (1962) TV Episode .... Everett Harper
- Incident at Sugar Creek (1962) TV Episode
- Incident of the Wanted Painter (1960) TV Episode .... Charles Fredericks
- Hagen Charm (????) TV Episode .... Dr. Joe Hagen
- The Lawmaker (1962) TV Episode .... Asa Moran
"Tales of Wells Fargo"
- Portrait of Teresa (1962) TV Episode .... Mel Akins
"Death Valley Days"
- Justice at Jackson Creek (1962) TV Episode .... Payne Piprim
- The Young Gun (1960) TV Episode .... Matt Warner
"Ichabod and Me"
- The Phippsboro Story (1961) TV Episode .... Rick Norton
"Hawaiian Eye"
- Satan City (1961) TV Episode .... Paul Hoyt
- The Trouble with Murder (1961) TV Episode .... Harry Lytton
"The Deputy"
- Past and Present (1961) TV Episode .... Herb Caldwell
- Lady on the Brink (1960) TV Episode .... Robert Haskell
"Assignment Underwater"
- The Sea Cave (1960) TV Episode .... Andy Schramm
"The Chevy Mystery Show"
- Fear Is the Parent (1960) TV Episode .... Simon Dow
- Cherry Red (1960) TV Episode .... Red Larned
"The Alaskans"
- The Silent Land (1960) TV Episode .... Dr. Jim Manning
"Bourbon Street Beat"
- Deadly Persuasion (1960) TV Episode .... Dr. Joshua Hart
"Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond"
- Call from Tomorrow (1960) TV Episode .... Kevin Stacy
"Wanted: Dead or Alive"
- The Most Beautiful Woman (1960) TV Episode .... John Garth
"Men Into Space"
- Moonquake! (1959) TV Episode .... Captain Tom Farrow
"Frontier Justice"
- Man of Fear (1959) TV Episode .... Lee Brand
"The Millionaire"
- The Frank Harrigan Story (1958) TV Episode .... Frank Harrigan
- The Carl Nelson Story (1955) TV Episode .... Carl Nelson
- Once Too Often (1958) TV Episode
"Zane Grey Theater"
- Man of Fear (1958) TV Episode .... Lee Brand
- The Secret of the Red Room (1957) TV Episode
- Phone Call for Matthew Quade (1956) TV Episode .... Walt
- The Healer (1955) TV Episode .... Dr. Joyce
- The Thirteenth Chair (1954) TV Episode .... Dick Crosby
"The George Sanders Mystery Theater"
- The People vs. Anne Tobin (????) TV Episode
- Deadline (1957) TV Episode
- The Rabbi Davis Story (1956) TV Episode
- Cavalry in China (1956) TV Episode
"The Ford Television Theatre"
- Mrs. Wane Comes to Call (1957) TV Episode .... David Chandler
- Hanrahan (1955) TV Episode .... Joe Newbury
- The Last Thirty Minutes (1954) TV Episode
- Junior (1952) TV Episode
"Studio 57"
- No Sentiment (1957) TV Episode
"Science Fiction Theater"
- Facsimile (1956) TV Episode .... George Bascomb
- Brain Unlimited (1956) TV Episode .... Dr. Jeff Conover
- The Man Who Didn't Know (1956) TV Episode .... Mark Kendler
- The Strange People at Pecos (1955) TV Episode .... Jeff Jamison
- Marked 'Danger' (1955) TV Episode .... Fred Strand
"Cavalcade of America"
- Date with a Stranger (1956) TV Episode .... Casimir Pulaski
- No Greater Love (1952) TV Episode .... Dr. William Gorgas
"Schlitz Playhouse of Stars"
- The House that Jackson Built (1956) TV Episode
- Pattern for Pursuit (1956) TV Episode
- Too Late to Run (1955) TV Episode
- Spangal Island (1954) TV Episode
- By-Line (1954) TV Episode .... Chris Grine
"TV Reader's Digest"
- The Only Way Out (1956) TV Episode .... Horst Bock
- Emergency Case (1955) TV Episode
- France's Greatest Detective (1955) TV Episode .... Alphonse Bertillon
"Celebrity Playhouse"
- Shadow of a Thief (1956) TV Episode
"Four Star Playhouse"
- Once to Every Woman (1956) TV Episode .... David
- Looking Glass House (1955) TV Episode .... Richard
"Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre"
- Excuse Me for Living (1956) TV Episode
"Kraft Television Theatre"
- Spur of the Moment (1955) TV Episode
- The Picture Window (1954) TV Episode
"The Philco Television Playhouse"
- Total Recall (1955) TV Episode
"The Whistler"
- An Actor's Life (1955) TV Episode
"Fireside Theatre"
- The 99th Day (1955) TV Episode .... Alan
- Grey Gardens (1953) TV Episode
- Badge of Dishonor (1955) TV Episode
"Appointment with Adventure"
- Priceless Cargo (1955) TV Episode
"Robert Montgomery Presents"
- For These Services (1954) TV Episode .... Son
- The Steady Man (1954) TV Episode
"Circle Theatre"
- Evening Star (1954) TV Episode
"The Web"
- A Handful of Stars (1954) TV Episode
"Kraft Television Theatre"
- The Shining Palace (1954) TV Episode
"Studio One"
- Dry Run (1953) TV Episode
- Camille (1953) TV Episode
- Help Wanted (1953) TV Episode
"The Lone Ranger"
- Finders Keepers (1949) TV Episode .... Nat Parker

"This Is Your Life"
- Arthur Franz (1953) TV Episode .... Himself

At the time, what greater recognition could a character actor get than to be featured in an episode of 'This Is Your Life'?

'Mission: Impossible' - "The Choice"
First Minister Andre Picard could be an ancestor for Jean-Luc Picard. It's not a given that all members of a hero's family tree must reflect those heroic qualities.

'The Mod Squad' - "Love"
Arthur Westphal(l) might be related to Dr. Donald Westphall of 'St. Elsewhere'. That would be a great way to bring 'The Mod Squad' into that particular interpretation of the TV Universe.

'Hawaii Five-0' - "The One With The Gun"
Del Enright might have been a cousin or even a brother to Sgt. Charlie Enright of 'MacMillan & Wife'. Del obviously preferred life in the Hawaiian Islands over the City by the Bay.


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