Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Check out this "Lost" promo at

This is the odd blipvert that ran in the UK on Channel Four to announce the arrival of 'Lost' to their airwaves.

Despite its surreal elements, I think it can be easily squeezed into the makeup of Toobworld... as a dream.

Prophetic dreams would be nothing new to the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 - Charlie, Hurley, and Mr. Eko have probably had the most memorable dream sequences, but others have had them as well.

As to whose dream this one is? Hard to say. Everybody in the main cast is represented within it, and we hear voiceovers from most of them.

But I have two candidates - first up would be Claire Littleton. The commercial ends on an image of her, and I think the dreamer would conclude his/her own dream focused on themselves.

Otherwise, I'm guessing that it might be Hurley's dream. Hugo Reyes seems to be not really part of the swirling dancers; rather, he's in the background lugging a suitcase (dealing with his personal baggage?).

I think that if this dream is one of Hurley's, it may have occurred around the same time when he was reconciling the survivors to the names on the manifest. Since he was already clued in to the past histories of Kate (as a criminal), Sayid (as a member of the Republican Guard), and Jack (as a doctor), it makes sense that he was hearing those voices saying such things as "One of us is a sinner; one of us is a saint; one of us is a criminal; one of us is a cop," etc......

Yeah, that's my theory and I'm sticking with it. The Channel 4 blipvert is actually a dream of Hurley's.


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