Friday, May 12, 2006


I'm all caught up!

Thanks to the Brokeback Boys, I got to see the first four episodes of the new 'Doctor Who' for this season, starring David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor.

"New Earth" - In the year 5 Billion 23, the Doctor and Rose visit a mysterious hospital where they encounter an old acquaintance and one of their best foes from last season.

"Tooth & Claw" - On the Scottish moors of 1879, "Dr. James McKrimmon" and his "half-naked" ward protect Queen Victoria from a living legend/nightmare.

"School Reunion" - Working undercover at a school as "John Smith", the Doctor is reunited with former companion Sarah Jane Smith and that tinny Rin Tin Tin, K-9.

"The Girl In The Fireplace" - The Doctor finds love again with Reinette Poisson, better known by History as Madame de Pompadour.

I knew weeks in advance of seeing "New Earth" exactly what show I would link to it. And luckily there was nothing in the episode which contradicts my theory. (Watch this space on Monday to learn more!)

But I was surprised at how easily I was able to find links to the other three episodes. There was no need to jump through the hoops and twist the night away with some pretzel logic in order to find the right connection, as happened last year with a few episodes.

However, the main bugaboo from last year - how many dimensions do they visit via TARDIS? - rises up several times so far in this new season. And eventually I will have to address that again.

But for those of you reading this on the left side of the Atlantic, I can assure you that David Tennant makes for an excellent Time Lord and each episode improves on the one before it - which is saying something when "New Earth" started off the run better than expected for the usual sci-fi fare available in recent years.

But then, I'm easy to please.....


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Brent McKee said...

Just a guess but might it possibly involve a member of a religious order who is an accidental aviatrix?