Saturday, May 13, 2006


Alan Sepinwall, TV critic and columnist for the "Star-Ledger" in New Jersey, had this to say about last week's episode of 'The West Wing':

"The Will subplot didn't do a lot for me. I never warmed to the character, since Aaron didn't get a chance to really define him before he got pushed out the door, and since Wells never knew what to do with him. (His stint as Bingo Bob's lackey was particularly hatable.) And I care even less about Kate. Might've been nice to give the B-story slot to Charlie, who's been around much longer and who's been badly neglected by the writers for far too long. I'm hoping there'll be some kind of tear-inducing scene with him and Jed next week."

This sparked the following exchange between me and Ivy, one of my bestest friends and, like me, an Iddiot:

Yeah - that was a lost opportunity to give Charlie his due. He'd been around for seven years and we've only seen him twice (barely - as a pall bearer and re: the many job offers for CJ) in the last three months!!!!
[ed. note: With this past episode, it was three times.]

I agree. Will's character never seemed developed to me either. He's a bland cipher. And Kate/Will's relationship is equally bland. Would rather have seen a story with Charlie, or more Josh/Donna.

Ugh. I'm so sick of Josh. I understand that leading up to the election there had to be so much of him. But he was a mistake-making jerk for too long and he's such a constipated tight-ass.

He got his shiksa nookie; his story should be considered complete.

I would rather have seen Charlie take a job instead as former President Bartlet's aide in getting the library under way and even going on to become his son-in-law.

Ooh, I like that idea, except for the son-in-law part. That relationship with Zoey expired many seasons ago. Kinda hard to dredge it up again.

For all we know, it got revived once she was rescued; we just never got to see it, which is a Toobworld staple.

Ah. Yes, but for the non-Toobworld viewing audience, this would be really outta left field.

At that point, I cut her out of my will......


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