Monday, May 8, 2006


Brian-El is an Iddiot.

It's not an insult, and that's not a mis-spelling. Brian-El is a member of the Topica discussion group centered around the Idiot's Delight radio program hosted by legendary free-from deejay Vin Scelsa.

I'm an Iddiot as well.

Brian-El wrote to me this morning with his latest theory for Toobworld.....

I have a new theory about 'Lost'.

The focal point--where everybody got together--was Sydney.

Sydney just had a baby on 'Alias'.

All of 'Lost' is taking place in Sydney's baby's mind...

- Brian-El

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'll take it one better....

They're all inside Sydney Bristow's body, yes.

As rogue brain cells! That's why they're all experiencing those flashbacks - those are memories of Sydney adapted for themselves.

And the "Others"? Cancer cells out to destroy them.

Michael has returned as an antibody. He's a white blood corpuscle.

That's irony, baby.

Adric R'Bourne