Sunday, October 23, 2005


Here are just a few O'Bservations which I didn't feel like expounding on further.....

I belong to an interesting e-mail group with the misleading name of "The Question Of The Week".

One of the most recent questions was:


One of the many answers I gave was:

"The Brothers Kolchak" - Actually it's "Supernatural", but let's face it! These guys are Carl's grand-kids!

I meant it as a joke, especially the idea that it will be a hit. This show has bad acting from half its cast - and by that I mean Jensen Ackles. (I know he must have his fans, but I'd rather piss them off than the Jared Padelecki contingent.)

It also has bad writing. I know a show is going to suck if it falls back on "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" without any note of sarcasm or irony.
'Threshold' has the acting chops. 'Surface' has a more expansive storyline with potential for its sense of underlying menace. 'Invasion' may have squandered its potential because the life has been sucked out of the pace of its direction and acting. I think it may have been directed by one of the Pod People.

I think all three will at least ride out the full season. 'Surface' has a good shot towards captializing on its initial ratings. 'Invasion' will continue to ride the coat-tails of 'Lost' through May. 'Threshold' may need to be moved from Fridays if it starts to hurt the numbers of 'Numb3rs', but it should still go full-year.

(That was the first time I ever had to type 'Numb3rs'. There, I did it again! It feels stupid......)
I thought it was good and more importantly, funny. But I couldn't see why the ad execs and many critics were raving about it. There really wasn't anything we hadn't seen before.

But it's up against 'Joey'. It's going to come out of its freshman year smelling sweet for UPN!
An engaging duo of leads in David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel, a quirky trio of forensic anthropologists as their support team, and mysteries that aren't too grim and on the right side of gruesome. So far I'm finding the show passing by breezily.
Neil Patrick Harris deserves all the praise he's getting. And Alyson Hannigan should erase any doubts about whether or not she could carry her own sitcom. The format of this sitcom is familiar and radical at the same time; a nice combination. The writing is fresh and the characters are people I'd like to hang around with. The surprise ending for the pilot gives me hope the show's creators can continue to keep their audience on their toes. And unlike Denise Richards, Cobie Smulders is not only beautiful but she can act. Like they used to say about Smucker's jam, with a name like that, she's got to be good!
In the beginning, 'The West Wing' tried to act as though it was set in the "near future", but they lost their credibility on that when they focused on the upcoming Millennium in an episode.

'Commander-In-Chief' is at least six years into our future. President Teddy Roosevelt Bridges served four years as Vice President and two as the POTUS.

And the Bush II administration existed in their alt. dimension. Vice President Cheney was mentioned by name in the pilot, and the biggest lie foised on the American Public by the Bush White House (so far) was referred to as "WMD-Gate".

Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, does it?


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