Thursday, October 27, 2005


Picked up a few new boots today to add to the Library here at Toobworld Central.

'Bourbon Street Beat' - I've never seen this series, but I have seen some of its characters in other shows. As part of the WB stable of detective shows back in the late fifties, 'Bourbon Street Beat' was able to ride the coat-tails of shows like '77 Sunset Strip' and 'Hawaiian Eye' via crossovers. Not for long though - the show didn't last.

But the character of Rex Randolph moved on to join '77 Sunset Strip' and Kenny Madison headed over to 'Surfside Six'.

I picked up this disc (containing the episodes "Torch Song For Trumpet" and "Secret Of The Hyacinth Bayou", both from 1959) just to see the location shots used from New Orleans; considering how much was lost not only through the decades, but in just the flooding of this year.

'Science Fiction Theater' - This anthology series predated 'The Twilight Zone'. In it, the stories were based on theories and ideas culled from actual scientific data available at that time.

The episodes are "Facsimile", "Killer Tree", "Gravity Zero", "Magic Suitcase", "Bolt Of Lightning", "Strange Lodger", and "Sound That Kills".

'Manimal' - Please don't look at me like that. This disc contains not only the 90 minute pilot for this series about a man who could turn into animals, but also an episode of 'Nightman' in which the Manimal showed up in a crossover. (The cover of the disc calls the second series 'Darkman' in error.)

'Unaired Pilots Volume Three' - There are four shows on this disc that are more familiar in other incarnations. But each of them should yield plenty of interesting essays and theories for this televisiologist.

'Wilbur Pope & Mr. Ed'
'Gilligan's Island'
'It's A Small World' (became 'Leave It To Beaver')
"Seven Against The Sea" (as part of 'Fred Astaire's Premier Theatre' and which would later become 'McHale's Navy')

I'll let you know what kind of nuggets I find in these shows.....


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