Friday, October 28, 2005


George Takei, who as helmsman Sulu steered the Starship Enterprise through three television seasons and six movies, has come out as a homosexual in the current issue of Frontiers, a biweekly gay and lesbian Los Angeles magazine.
- news story

You gotta figure the staff at David Spade's Show Business Show are poring over all of the old 'Star Trek' episodes in hopes of finding that one key scene to lampoon Mr. Takei's statement.

There'll probably be lots of shots from that episode where Sulu was shirtless and covered with a sheen of sweat..........

Good luck to you, Mr. Takei. Coming out must have been hard enough; to do so when you know there are jerks like me out there thinking of ways to make fun of your admission marked real bravery.

Live long and prosper.



Mark said...

I guess he was studying the 'captain's log' for all those years :


WordsSayNothing said...

While this announcement was the first that I've heard of Takei being gay (though I heard about it on a mailing list), I'm told that his homosexuality has basically been the worst kept secret among Trekkies for the past 25 years or so. In other words, it may never have been published in any major way, but it wasn't being hidden either. So I guess it's not really a big deal.