Sunday, October 23, 2005



I caught a preview for this week's episode of 'CSI: NY'. (Airing Wednesay at 10 pm on CBS)

Here's what we can expect:

"Mac, Stella and Det. Flack investigate the death of a young dancer who fell from the Queensborough Bridge and crashed through a car's windshield. Danny and Dr. Hawkes investigate a South Bronx fish vendor who was impaled by a swordfish. Lindsay looks into the death of a Roosevelt Island Tram driver whose body was found by morning commuters."
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In the commercial, Danny evinces surprise that someone could be killed by a swordfish. If he had only studied the records archived at the NYC medical examiner's office, he would have seen this was hardly the first time a swordfish was used as a murder weapon in the Big Apple.

Back in March of 1988, author Jessica Fletcher invested in Alice's Farm Restaurant. One of the owners, the maitre d' Chaz Crewe, was later found murdered in the walk-in freezer, and it was some time before it could be determined that the murder weapon was a swordfish.

('Murder, She Wrote' - "Just Another Fish Story", broadcast March 27th, 1988)

I think those archived records should be required reading by all of Mac Taylor's team. Among the other deaths that would be considered "highlights" would be a police officer found beaten to death in his own home. The murder weapon turned out to be a frozen leg of lamb... not that it could ever be proved. As it turned out, the investigating detectives ate the evidence!

('Alfred Hitchcock Presents' - "Lamb To The Slaughter")

Cue up Tom Waits with a little "SwordfishTrombones".......


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