Sunday, October 23, 2005


In an effort to get Lucas to stop rhapsodizing over their teamwork, Ramsey called him "Starsky". For the audience, this was a joke reference to the TV show 'Starsky And Hutch', which starred David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser. What adds another layer to the joke is that Ramsey obviously sees himself as "Tiger Beat-dreamy" Hutch.

But for Toobworld's inner reality, that joke shouldn't fly. Starsky and Hutch were two L.A. police detectives working the beat in the 1970s... and in the same dimension as 'Threshold', the show which features Ramsey and Lucas.

But there's an easy splainin. The TV Universe must recognize the recent movie version of 'Starsky And Hutch' which starred Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. For the purposes of having a movie based on these two cops, Starsky and Hutch must have done something extraordinary to warrant the big-screen treatment (in much the same way Oliver Stone is making a movie in the real world about the last two Port Authority cops to make it out of the World Trade Center alive).

In this way, there is no Zonk! and once again Toobworld is made safe in its universal integrity.

Just doing my job, Ma'am.

(And if you're a guy reading this, sorry. I have a cold.)


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