Tuesday, March 22, 2005



I thought I might start off with a proposed pilot with plenty of potential.
(Sorry for spitting.....)

Janeane Garofalo has been tapped to star in NBC's comedy pilot "All In," based on the life of poker champ Annie Duke. The casting of Garofalo lifts the contingency off the project, in which Garofalo plays a single mom of three in Las Vegas who is a professional poker player.

A professional poker player.
In Vegas.

Don't wait for the House to fall on you, because the House always wins!

'All In' cries out for a crossover with 'Las Vegas'!

It wouldn't be the first time a sitcom made the link with an hour-long drama: 'Cheers' and 'St. Elsewhere'; 'The Associates' and 'The Paper Chase'; 'Here's Lucy' and 'Mannix'.

'Lou Grant' was spun off from 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show', and the reverse situation (from a drama to a sitcom) was proposed last year for Camryn Manheim's Ellinor Frutt of 'The Practice'.

Besides visits by Garofalo's character to the Montecito, maybe Big Ed and Danny can come over to her home for dinner. The Vegas location makes 'All In' a natural stopover for celebrities in the League of Themselves: Wayne Newton, Barry Manilow, Ann Margaret.... Even future city residents like the puppets of "Avenue Q".

And then there are the likely links to other NBC sitcoms - visits to Vegas b 'Will & Grace' and 'Joey' (so long as his nephew Michael doesn't get caught counting cards again.)

Then again, a quartet of aging hags and a neanderthalic former friend might do more harm than good at this early stage of development for fledgling sitcom. They might end up doing in 'All In'!


"There's no such thing as a sure thing.
That's why they call it gambling
Oscar Madison
'The Odd Couple'

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