Thursday, March 24, 2005


Noureen DeWulf has landed one of the two title roles in the WB Network's comedy pilot 'Mindy and Brenda', a New York-set female buddy comedy. Mindy (DeWulf) and Brenda (Virginia Williams) are best friends who look at the world differently.

If The WB's aggressive campaign to launch 'Living With Fran' is any indication, we can expect to see crossovers quite soon for this sitcom.

On April 8th, 'Living With Fran' will debut with two episodes on the same night. That's radical enough, but two of the main characters (including the lead played by Fran Drescher) will also appear on an episode of 'What I Like About You' that night as well.

Being a sitcom based in New York City, then it's likely 'Mindy And Brenda' will run into Fran and/or the Tyler sisters, Holly and Val by November Sweeps. Too bad 'Grounded For Life' was finally, well, grounded; 'Mindy And Brenda' might have paid a visit to the Red Boots bar on Staten Island.

If the show was being made for NBC, then one or the other of these "best friends who look at the world differently" might have been able to find something in common with 'Will & Grace'. Or even a soul-mate in Jennifer Finnigan's portrayal of Marni Fliss in 'Committed' - while there was still a chance........


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