Tuesday, March 22, 2005



Gina Gershon has joined the cast of UPN's drama pilot "The Lot," a soap about a group of twentysomething assistants working at a Hollywood studio backlot. Gershon will play an aggressive producer who is the demanding boss of one of the assistants.

My knee-jerk reacton as a die-hard Crossoverite would be to link 'The Lot' to 'The Lot'. It was a short run series on AMC back in 1999 that took a satirical look at the Hollywood studio system of the 1930s.

Even if the new studio is not named Sylver Screen Pictures, so what? A good fanfic writer can always claim that after the studio system was dismantled in the early sixties, Sylver Screen changed hands and its name as well.

But we should be looking at this show's crossover prospects realistically, and that would mean finding another show currently running on UPN.

If it doesn't have to be another drama series, then 'All Of Us' has possibilities. The main character of Robert is connected to the entertainment biz and lives in Hollywood, so it would be logical to see him on the backlots.

But a more interesting link might be made with this year's cult fave (read that as "loved by critics but nobody's watching") 'Veronica Mars'.

Teen private investigator might have to drive up (down?) from Neptune, California, to check out a lead into the murder of her best friend and/or the disappearance of her mother at the studio. And with such a storyline, perhaps a return visit by Harry Hamlin's character would be in order.

Otherwise, the usual suspects from The League of Themselves might be called up for duty. And that would include a few celebs usually associated with other networks, - I'm particularly thinking of Jay Leno here.

Okay, it's UPN. So maybe Kevin Eubanks.

I'm gonna burn for that one......


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