Thursday, March 24, 2005


Sources said Jennifer Finnigan is set to guest star in Jerry Bruckheimer's drama pilot 'American Crime' in the project's lead role. 'American Crime' centers on a female prosecutor who juggles the world of suburban crime with the challenges of being a new mom.

Finnigan's casting in the pilot as a guest star is said to stem from her obligation to NBC's midseason comedy 'Committed', in which she plays the female lead. WBTV and CBS declined comment on the casting.

This doesn't bode well for the future of 'Committed'. For the record, I liked the show, and I'm a big fan of Ms. Finnigan's work. (When I was forced to watch 'The Bold & The Beautiful' while visiting my Mom, I always enjoyed her portrayal of Bridget.)

But 'Committed' ran opposite 'House', and that would win out for my taping priorities on Tuesday evenings.

Since 'American Crime' is coming from the House of Bruckheimer, it should be pretty easy to slip in a crossover or two with any of the members of the 'CSI' franchise. The only obstacle might be location for the series; being a new mom as well as a prosecutor, she'll be pretty much grounded to wherever she's living and working.

Unless there's something in a case she's handling that would necessitate her traveling to Las Vegas, Miami, or New York City, then the F(orensic) troops of those shows would have to come to her.

And there's always Philadelphia, where she could do the sequel to any 'Cold Case' solved by Detective Lilly Rush.

Except for the fact that casting for this show would then clash with the 'Law & Order' corner of the TV Universe, I'd like to see it based in New York City. I know, it's WAAAAAY over-used, (We need more Chicago and DC shows!), but that way Ms. Finnigan's character could not only interact with the cast of 'CSI: NY', but also with the FBI agents of 'Without A Trace'.

Then they could look into the reasons why a dying clown was hiding out in the closet of Marni Fliss... and why Miss Fliss looked so much like the 'American Crime' prosecutor.

Woops.... crossing borders again.....


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