Friday, January 5, 2018


Back in November of last year, Tina Bradley, who runs the That Girl Fans Group on Facebook, posted that picture.

And then she commented:

Ann Marie is always on the look out for a new outfit. Which dress should she get?

This was my response:

Maybe she doesn't have to buy the black and red outfit. Maybe that's the costume Ann Marie will be given for that new TV show called 'Star Trek'. Unfortunately, it's mostly red, so her role will likely be a one-shot.

The 'Star Trek' seen by the people of Toobworld is not the same show as seen by us in the real world.  Sure, sometimes scenes from the original are seen in other shows, but that Desilu/Paramount production just got lucky on the details while working from the files brought back from the Future and handed off to the televersion of Gene Roddenberry.  

What we see is the reality of 'Star Trek'.  What the people of Toobworld see is a dramatic recreation.  

And so Ann Marie could have appeared in an episode of the Toobworld version of 'Star Trek', wearing that red and black dress.  And because there is so much red in that dress, her character would have been killed off before the end credits rolled......

Long live and prosper..........

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