Monday, January 1, 2018


And now for something completely different: a ‘Doctor Who’ cross-over with ‘The Muppet Show’.

Here’s the thing: the Muppets are living beings in the main Toobworld.  There is no need to ship them off to their own world as would be the case with stop-motion figurines and cartoon characters (although they can cross the dimensional vortex into the live-action Toobworld.)

And this is true for all of those puppets in different TV shows if they interact with humans independently of human manipulation (like ‘Eureeka’s Castle’, ‘Between The Lions’, and of course, ‘Sesame Street’.)  Ventriloquist dummies are exempt of this unless they are possessed by demons or cursed souls. 

As for ‘Doctor Who’, there is a shadowy organization known as UNReel which creates books, films, and TV shows to disguise the fact that certain people and events in the real life of Toobworld actually do exist.  It’s a ploy that started with the stories about Sherlock Holmes written by Doctor John H. Watson but peddled by their literary agent Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  The venture proved to be so successful that many TV characters actually believed Holmes was fictional.  And this procedure was then used to cover up the activities of others like the Doctor, James Bond, and the agents from U.N.C.L.E.

So in the case of the Doctor, movies were made starring Peter Cushing as the Gallifreyan Time Lord and then a TV show was made with actors who resembled the Doctor in his multiple incarnations playing the role.

For the most part, that project really didn’t work.  Many people did think of the Doctor as a fictional character, but at the same time they were called on to believe in the Doctor to rescue him from the clutches of the Master when he took over Earth Prime-Time.

A popular past-time for the people of both the real world and Toobworld was to dress up as the Doctor, in all his manifestations, and attend conventions and other such gatherings.  So that’s what we have here: an artist’s rendering of the Muppets engaging in cosplay as the many characters throughout the history of the TV show.  All the Doctors are represented here, as played first by William Hartnell through Matt Smith as the Eleventh Incarnation, plus many of the Companions.

This picture was painted some time ago and so the Incarnations of the Doctor as played by Peter Capaldi and now by Jodie Whittaker are not represented.

Which Muppet would you choose to play the Twelfth and the Thirteenth Doctors who haven't been used yet?  If you do use one of the Muppets already pictured, you'll have to find somebody to replace him/her.


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