Wednesday, October 28, 2015



Harry Mordecai was the titan behind a media empire based in San Francisco (even though he was from the United Kingdom.)  Back in 1994, he was the publisher of the newspaper the San Francisco Union, which he sold soon after the paper was embroiled in a murder investigation.

Harry Mordecai:
I think "The Launch Pad Murders" would make a first-class mini-series, 
starring that -# I'll get back to you, Harry - Yeah, that tall actor.

The murder of the paper's advice columnist happened in 1994.  So the actor in question would have to have been popular enough to helm a mini-series around that time.  And I'm only going to consider the fictional characters of Toobworld, not even the televersions of celebrities from that time.

So I'm nominating Bobby Wheeler from 'Taxi'.

The classic sitcom went off the air in 1983.  In that following decade, Bobby could have graduated from struggling actor to successful star.  And he could have been the target for Mordecai's dreams for the "Launch Pad Murders" mini-series.

Reflecting events in the real world, I think Bobby Wheeler is no longer alive in Toobworld.  It would be nice to think that he was at the top of his game when he exited stage left.....


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