Thursday, October 29, 2015



'Minority Report' takes place in Washington, DC, in 2065.  Even though that's fifty years into the future, I don't want to claim that it will be the future of Earth Prime-Time.  I'd like to think that my Inner Toob musings will be "deathless prose" and I'd hate to think that any claims I make about that future, so close in the long run, will run counter to what actually happens in Toobworld by then.  ('Star Trek' and similar shows set so far into the future are fair game.)

So I figured that this show should be situated in one of the Borderlands, a dimension that blends Toobworld with the Cineverse.  But then I saw this image that popped up originally in one of the pre-cog dreams of Dash:

So I've decided the best TV dimension is the one that was created for 'The West Wing'.  The Sorkin show had to be placed on an alternate Toobworld because its President of the United States was different from the ones in Earth Prime and Earth Prime-Time.  

And that POTUS for 'The West Wing' was Josiah Bartlet.  So it's believable that this major plaza in the nation's capital would be named after Jed Bartlet.  

And this theory is backed up by the show's executive producer:

'The West Wing' and 'Minority Report' aren't the only TV shows in that dimension.  'Mr. Sterling' was an official extension of that world, but there are also a few other theoretical connections.  (One of them is 'Smallville' - because things would have been different if Superman had already made his debut as an active superhero.)


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