Monday, December 8, 2014



For Halloween, Jake and Annie dressed up as Zombie Ricky and Lucy from the "I Love Lucy" TV show. There is no Zonk in that, because "I Love Lucy" is a well-established TV show within many other TV shows. Ricky Ricardo was
a celebrity in the Television Universe and that was depicted within the TV show which we know. So it is not surprising that the Televersions of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz would find the Ricardos' life story to be worthy of a television treatment.

But what was a Zonk was Jake's inability to remember a single catchphrase from "I Love Lucy". Instead, he used catchphrases from "The Honeymooners", "Good Times", and "Diff'rent Strokes".

Eventually everyone in Toobworld gets their own TV show, but it's hard to comprehend that these basically ordinary lives would be of interest to an audience within Toobworld.

Plus, our versions were wholly created out of someone's imagination. But the televersions were based on "real"people's lives, and I wonder how were they sold to the television network executives as being something of interest?


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