Thursday, December 11, 2014


"The Computer Goes West"*

In 1964, Marcel St. Clair and his cousin Timmy St. Clair were able to end the stranglehold of power which Commissar Szigeti had over Budapest and in doing so removed a true rogue from the theater of international espionage.

The most notable thing about Commissar Szigeti to someone O'Bserving from the Trueniverse was his remarkable resemblance to an American spy, Noah Bain.  At this point in Toobworld's timeline - 1964 - Noah Bain would soon rise to a position of prominence in the SIA.  

We've dealt with look-a-likes many times in the past here at Toobworld Central.  The most common splainin is the "identical cousin", which in most cases is code for two characters who shared the same philandering father.  (This is not to cast any aspersions on Martin Lane, whose daughter Patty and niece Cathy were the inspiration for the term.  Martin actually had a twin brother, so in the TV Universe the odds were pretty good their daughters would resemble each other.)

But I think we have something different in this case.  I believe that at some point years before we first met Commissar Szigeti, he underwent plastic surgery in order to enhance his resemblance to another younger spy named Noah Bain.  Noah must have been assigned to a mission in Europe which the Communist agents hoped to either prevent, subvert, or take over for themselves.

The mission must have ended as a wash for both sides since it didn't seem to hurt the career paths for either Noah Bain or Commissar Szigeti.  

And dat's de name of dat tune.....

  • 'The Rogues'
  • 'It Takes A Thief'
  • 'The Patty Duke Show'

* I think the phrase "Little Elephant" from the episode would have made for a much better title than the one used.  That's even more boring than "Columbo Goes To College" and I didn't think that would be possible!

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