Saturday, December 13, 2014


All this week we'll be taking a look at the Toobworldly aspects of one particular episode of 'Wonder Woman' - "The Fine Art Of Crime".  I saw the episode back in September, so why did I wait until now to give it a full week's showcase?

To make it a Winter Wonder Woman Land, of course!

If you've finished booing, we can continue.....

Here's the IMDb summary for "The Fine Art Of Crime":

Wonder Woman foils a ring of art thieves who use realistic-looking statues who are actually people in suspended animation to rob museums.

And from

When valuable artwork in a museum mysteriously begins to vanish, Wonder Woman discovers the museum statues may be more life-like than originally thought.

The full episode is available for viewing via Amazon for $1.99 (at least as of September 7th), but there are a few scenes available at YouTube which give you the basics of the villains' plot:

And one YouTube contributor had a different idea on what constitutes a happy ending:

I hope you enjoy the week's worth of articles about this episode!


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