Sunday, December 7, 2014


From my sister:

Thomas sent this pic to Scot Haney at CH 3 WFSB. Scot collects pics of food with faces in it. He mentioned Thomas' name on air at 5:45am today.

The mention of my nephew's name on TV in Connecticut establishes the presence of his televersion in Toobworld.  Maybe some day he'll be appearing as himself in fictional settings and join his uncle in the Television Crossover Hall Of Fame.

Hearing of this, it brought back memories.  My first "appearance" in Earth Prime-Time.  Must have been 1960 or thereabouts.  My name was read on 'The Hap Richards Show' as a new member of the town of Joyville because I helped my Mom around the house.  They even sent me a certificate of citizenship which I still have.  (As I entered my teen years, I kind of slacked off on helping around the house.  Luckily they didn't revoke my citizenship and send me back to mundane Meriden......)

But this is Thomas' moment to shine.  And as I mentioned earlier, today is his birthday.  (And it's his Mom's birthday as well.....)

Happy birthday, Kiddo!

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