Tuesday, November 4, 2014


As this is a Tuesday, I may as well go with a "two-fer" for the Television Crossover Hall Of Fame.  Remember, "What I Say, Goes" since this is the 15th anniversary.

Back in 2009, when the Hall was celebrating its tenth anniversary, John Adams was inducted into the Hall for his many portrayals in so many different TV shows and specials.  (The only one not included would be that by Burgess Meredith in "Land Of The Three".  It's the Toobworld contention that he was a butler to the president who had gone a bit mad in his retirement.)

It was the performance by Paul Giamatti in the mini-series that snared the official portrayal of our nation's second president.  

At that end of that blog post making the announcement, I mentioned another actor noted for the role:

William Daniels is probably the best known John Adams from the movie universe, recreating the role he originated in the Broadway production of '1776'. However, he also got the chance to play the role twice on television. I may be wrong on this (It's not uncommon!), but I believe his performance in 'The American Revolution' was as a voice-over. Still, the TV movie "The Rebels" completes the multi-verse position for John Adams as played by William Daniels.

So Daniels played John Adams in three different fictional universes - Toobworld, the Cineverse, and WorldStage.  Offhand, the only other TVXOHOF multiversals whom I can think of who pulled off that trifecta would be Cecily and Gwendoline Pigeon of 'The Odd Couple' fame.  (They were inducted in 2002 when we were celebrating duos.)

So even though John Adams is already inducted as a "pan-dimensional being" for the Toobworld Dynamic, I'd like to acknowledge William Daniels for making Adams a multiversal.

Welcome to your own place in the Hall, Sir!


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