Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Today is the Midterm elections, which is arguably the more important of the election cycle, moreso than those years in which we elect a President.  Toobworld Central urges you to get out and vote - even if you vote against the ideals I support (but you'd be a fool to do so.)  It's important that you get out there and exercise a freedom others died to protect and which many around the world envy.

Now on to the Toobstuff!

November is traditionally the month in which we induct someone of a political nature into the Television Crossover Hall Of Fame - a President, a politician, a newsmaker or a newscaster.  And even in this year in which we are celebrating the Hall's 15th anniversary with the theme of "What I Say, Goes", I see no reason why that should be any different.

What makes this year's entry different is that our new member is a fictional President of the United States from the Movie Of The Week Toobworld.  (No fancy name for that dimension yet.)  There is quite a line of succession for this world, stretching back to at least the 1930s (although only seen on our TV screens in 1972) with President John P. Wintergreen.  (Apparently, with the way everybody would sing out with their feelings, Wintergreen's term in office was bedevilled by the demon Sweet.)

In this dimension, Jonathan Hayes was the President of the United States as the world entered a new millennium, and his presidency (with its various crises) was depicted in three TV Movies:

"First Daughter" (1999)
A domestic terrorist group make an unsuccessful attempt on the life of US President Jonathan Hayes and the group's leader, is subsequently captured. Some members of the group manage to evade capture and continue with terrorist activities. Eight weeks later, believing the threat is past, the President organizes an outdoors activity trip for his teenage daughter, Jess, who has grown tired of the public life and constant Secret Service supervision.

Unbeknownst to the hikers, during their trip they are seen by members of the domestic terrorist group who have been hiding out in the same woods to evade capture. One of the group recognises Jess, and identifies her as the daughter of President Hayes. They quickly form a plan to kidnap Jess in order to negotiate the release of Smith. They ambush the hikers, kill one of the bodyguards, and kidnap Jess.

"First Target" (2000)
Secret Service Agent Alex McGregor is charged with protecting President Jonathan Hayes who is facing problems with a powerful group represented by his Vice-President of the United States, and entrepreneur Senator Jack "J.P." Hunter who helped him win the election. The conspirators intend to assassinate the President while in Seattle to inaugurate a cable wire transportation system.

"First Shot" (2002)
After an explosion at an army base that kills several soldiers, President Jonathan Hayes attends a memorial service and is shot while speaking.

As I said, all of these take place in the same dimension, even though the main character - Secret Service agent Alex MacGregor - is played by Darryl Hannah in the second movie.  Mariel Hemingway played the role in the other two.  O'Bviously a quantum leaper stepped in to correct the original timeline which had been interfered with by some temporal interloper.

Welcome to the Hall, Mr. President!


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