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July, 1957: While on a fishing vacation, Diamond has a date with a beautiful woman who is being pursued by two mysterious hunters who she photographed earlier. They will stop at nothing to get the film, sensing danger Diamond offers his assistance.

When this series began, Richard Diamond was living and working in New York City.  But early in 1959, Diamond moved to Los Angeles.  

But it's the location of this particular episode that's of interest to this televisiologist.  That's because Diamond spent his vacation in the resort town of Twin Peaks!

No mention of its home state is made by the private eye or the people he was involved with, so that makes it easier to claim it was Twin Peaks, Washington, just like with the location in the eponymous series which debuted 33 years later.

O'Bviously we didn't meet any younger versions of the 'Twin Peaks' character in this episode, but that's okay.  Twin Peaks, Washington, may have been a small town, but it was large enough to have more characters than ever seen in the show.  But who knows?  Maybe the waiter at the restaurant* and the state trooper - the only residents seen in the episode - had surnames like Martell, Packard, Jennings, Hurley, Briggs or Horne.  Otherwise, the four main characters were all from out of town.

And we didn't see the Great Northern Lodge, but we did see the Twin Peaks Lodge and Resort.  Again, that vacation spot may have existed in the series; we just never saw it.  (An example of the Khan-Chekov Encounter.)

We got to see Black Lake though, even if it went unnamed.  But it was a lake in Twin Peaks, so it must have been Black Lake.  I doubt that we were anywhere near the shoreline where Pete Martell found Laura Palmer dead, wrapped in plastic.  But not a problem - that must have happened on that far shore.....

All in all, this is an unofficial link between 'Twin Peaks' and 'Richard Diamond, Private Detective'.  I doubt David Lynch even saw this episode!  But it works and should be acceptable, especially as Twin Peaks is a fictional location.  This gives it more heft than claiming 'Taxi' and 'Naked City' must be connected because both take place in New York City.

I'm dedicating this post to the memory of my Dad, born on this date in 1929.  He would have loved to have gone fishing at this place.....


* Not the RR Diner or the Wind River Drive-Through.....

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Wayne Zinkand said...

I love this theory. And, you have the photos to back it up!