Saturday, November 22, 2014


'McHale's Navy'
"Jolly Wally"

Whit Barrett was a nationally acclaimed syndicated columnist back in the States during WWII who would often feature prominent servicemen in his columns.  Four of those featured went on to be promoted after his columns were printed.  So of course Captain Binghamton was anxious that he should be so lucky when he found out that Barrett was coming to Taratupa to write about him.

Two of the promoted officers were Admirals, one of them named Brawley, and there was Commander Simpson as well.  As for the fourth officer, as far as Captain Binghamton was concerned, he was a hot-rodder on the PT-109 who became a full Lieutenant after Barrett wrote his piece about him.

This is a reference to the televersion of John F. Kennedy, which means that the article had to be written before October of 1943.  (That's when Kennedy was promoted to being a full Lieutenant.)


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