Friday, November 21, 2014



In 1977, a conference of invited delegates from the oil-producing countries in the Middle East was held in Monte Carlo.  The keynote speaker was Ali Ben Gazim, the Shah of Almein on the Persion Gulf Coast.

There were a dozen other delegates around that table, each representing one of twelve countries with a stake in the situation.  (The man walking away in the back of the room was Prime Minister Hassam of Almein and not a delegate.)

So I looked at my list of nations to be found only in Toobworld and came up with this list of those Middle Eastern countries I'd like to see be represented at the conference:
  1. Acabia (‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E.')
  2. Aramy ("McCloud")
  3. Baraga ("Banacek")
  4. Beyaquin ("H.G. Wells' The Invisible Man")
  5. Beldad ("The Adventures Of Superman")
  6. Durani ("McHale"s Navy")
  7. Elkabar ("Mission: Impossible")
  8. Phaedira ("The Saint")
  9. QaChi ("The Joey Bishop Show")
  10. Suaria ("Columbo")
  11. Tanqir ("Another World")
  12. Zalamar ("The Girl From U.N.C.L.E.")
So many Arabian countries from other shows (but which were never named) could have had delegates sitting at that table.  

For instance, there was this sheik seen in "A Touch Of Brimstone", an episode of 'The Avengers':

And classic 70s heavy Sid Haig might have been from any one of those countries listed above when he appeared as "Third Passenger" in the "Nuclear Alert" episode of 'The Six Million Dollar Man':

I was tempted to add the United Heshamite Kingdoms, but I'm still not thoroughly convinced that it wasn't a real aggregate of small kingdoms in the Persian Gulf.....


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