Friday, August 16, 2013


Cassidy Brown is a young actress who hasn't hit the big time yet, but she is steadily working in both films and TV for the last few years.  And she has two unnamed roles in TV shows that put her ⅔ of the way towards membership in the TV Crossover Hall of Fame.  (But more than likely only as part of the Birthday Honors List.)
'Center of the Universe'
"And the Silver Medal Goes To..." (2004)
Office Assistant

'Franklin & Bash'
"Out of the Blue" (2013)
Club Waitress

Here's how it would play out:

This young, currently unnamed woman is originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she worked as an office assistant.  But at some point after 2004, she must have decided to try her luck in Los Angeles, perhaps as an actress.

To that end, she got a job as a waitress at a country club frequented by many of the luminaries in the legal field, including Stanton Infeld, Leonard Franklin, and the late Judge Henry Dinsdale.

Should Cassidy Brown appear again in some small role set in Los Angeles, and which has no strings attached (extensive backstory, for example), we might even include it as part of the character's growing resume.  Even if such a character has been given a name, that would still be allowed.  However, once named, it would be difficult (but NEVER impossible for ye olde Toobmeister!) to later claim that another named character played by Cassidy Brown was the same person.

Every so often I'll be checking back in to the IMDb to see if Ms. Brown's alter-ego has expanded her life during Prime-Time......


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