Saturday, August 17, 2013


Before she hit it big in the movies as the 1970s dawned, Karen Black was guest-starring in several TV series - 'Run For Your Life', 'The Name Of The Game', 'Adam-12', and 'The Invaders'.  She even did a couple of Westerns - 'The Iron Horse' and 'The Big Valley'.  (When her movie career no longer commanded the attention it once garnered, Toobworld welcomed her back.)

With one of those Westerns, there's something decidedly Toobworthy about her appearance which intrigued this televisiologist.  I can't claim credit for discovering it; that honor goes to the wonderful "Cowgirl" who runs the "Rifleman" website.

Before we get down to discussing the particular, why not enjoy one of the earliest performances by the late Karen Black.....

Any idea what was of particular note about Ms. Black's character of Clara Roberts?

It was that dress she wore, as seen at the top of the post.

As "Cowgirl" discovered with her keen eye to detail when it comes to TV Westerns, the design of that dress proved to be mighty popular in the wild, wild West - all of the young frontier ladies apparently owned a copy....

But I'm not quite satisfied with just the fact that all of those women ordered the same dress.  I want to know who they bought it from, preferably bringing in another TV show to this patch of the tele-mosaic.  

Therefore, I think they all found it offered in the dry goods catalogue from Levinson's in Cincinnati, Ohio.

(Isidore Levinson is the late father of Cora, the Countess Grantham of 'Downton Abbey'.)


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