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The gubernatorial candidate represented by Nicholls, Darrell and Darrell in "Shriek Of Silence" (an episode of 'The Bold Ones') was Stephen Patterson.  He owned a ranch just outside of Santa Barbara and had several children, most of whom were young adults or at least of college age.

So I decided to look through the cast lists for the TV series 'Psych' - also set in Santa Barbara - to see if I could make a theory of relateeveety.

Not only did I find two other Pattersons, but their casting makes the theory all the more interesting.

I regret now that I didn't take a picture off the TV screen of Patterson (played by Craig Stephens) as he celebrated with his family at the end of the episode.  One of his sons had to be about 25 at least, certainly old enough to start a family.  

But who would he have married?  

I'm thinking she was a black woman.

The two Pattersons who showed up in two different episodes of 'Psych' were both black.  And with Chelsea Patterson, played by Ecstasia Sanders, she looks to be of mixed heritage.  (Ms. Sanders' resume says that she can play the ethnicities of Caucasian, Mixed, Caribbean, Latin/Hispanic, and African American.)

The other Patterson - no first name given - was played by Reese Alexander and if I'm not mistaken, he was a fireman working in Santa Barbara.  Chelsea Patterson didn't fare well in her adult life - working at a company called CyberVault, she was discovered to have met with the bad guys who murdered an old friend of Gus.  

Both of them could be the children of one of Stephen Patterson's sons, most likely the oldest one given the apparent age of Patterson the fireman.

And that son could be Tony Patterson, who was the District Attorney in 'Santa Barbara'........

If this theory of relateeveety works, then the Patterson family would link 'The Bold Ones' ('The Lawyers'), 'Psych', and 'Santa Barbara'.

'The Bold Ones' ('The Lawyers') - "Shriek Of Silence"
'Psych' - "Earth, Wind, and... Wait For It...."
'Psych' - "High Top Fade-Out"
'Santa Barbara' - 14 episodes


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