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Comic book characters have counterparts in the other fictional universes spawned from the imagination of Mankind.  Mostly we've seen them in the Cineverse and as for the TV Land-scape, they're mostly in the Tooniverse.  But they've also appeared in BookWorld and in the universe based on songs.

As for Earth Prime-Time, several super-heroes from comic books have appeared over the decades.  Batman and Robin in the Sixties, Spiderman and Wonder Woman in the Seventies, with the Hulk bridging the Seventies into the Eighties, and then the Flash in the Nineties.

As for the new millennium?  I guess the half-vampire Blade qualifies.....

And of course there's Superman, who protected Earth Prime-Time in the 1950s before dying in the early 1960s.  (All of the other incarnations of the Man of Steel in the TV Universe are to be found in alternate dimensions.)

It's pozz'ble, just pozz'ble, that their colleagues from the Comic Book World exist in the main Toobworld as well.  We just haven't met them yet.

One example is Wolverine of "The X-Men".  We've seen him in the Cineverse, with a new movie opening soon.  And he's made his mark as an animated character in the Tooniverse.  But in Toobworld?

I think he does exist, and one day - once the film franchise furor fades - he could be adapted for life during Prime-Time.

In the meantime, other TV characters talked about him as though he did exist along with them in the TV Universe.

Going out there to face the elements,
Doing it the way he wants,
You know who he reminds me of?


I was going to say us, but Wolverine too....

There's no mention of the comic books, nor the movies, not even the cartoons.  So the standard rule is to accept the reference as being about a "real-life" character.  

So for now, as far as 'Franklin & Bash' are concerned, Wolverine is the real deal.

The same can't be said for his fellow mutant in the X-Men, Jean Grey, however......

Hottest psychic character?

Jean Grey, the red-head from "X-Men".


That's telekinesis.  She can move things.

Yes, she could....

So for Peter, Jean Grey is either a comic book character, a movie character, or a cartoon super-hero.  Perhaps all three.  But Jared's reference to "characters", doesn't bode well for Jean Grey to be living in the same TV dimension the two lawyers live in.

As for Jared's reference to Carrie, it's a combination of BookWorld and the Cineverse......

Wolverine & Jean Grey - Two for Tuesday!


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