Friday, July 12, 2013


Dana DeLoach is a fellow follower of the Facebook page for 'The Twilight Zone'.  And during the annual T-Zone marathon on the Fourth of July, she submitted for approval this example of fanfic:

The town isn't so quiet now, but there are a lot more people stopping over. The girl is all grown up (aliens age more slowly) and has expanded her play area, which is now filled with much more than stage bread, stuffed squirrels and papier-mâché lawns! And the train actually makes stops all over town. Willoughby it's not, but it's not a bad place to live, after all. Bob and Millie have been co-mayors who run the town for many, many years (they're still young - humans age more slowly there), and they're very well adjusted and happy residents——but Bob still gets a headache whenever that alien girl laughs.
Dana DeLoach

The giant people show up all the time in TV commercials, usually in commercials for beer or airlines.  But they don't make themselves at home; otherwise we'd be hearing about them in other TV shows....  Wouldn't we?

These blipverts are a link to the TV adaptation of Jonathan Swift's "Gulliver's Travels", and the giants are from the land of Brobdingnag.  Lemuel Gulliver thought they were from another land to be found on Earth, like many of the other places he visited - like Lilliput (seen in a TV commercial last year) and the Island of the Houyhnhnms (birthplace of Mr. Ed).  

But Brobdingnag is in another dimension which is accessible at certain vortex points around the world.  We've come to know it from 'Land Of The Giants' and in the 'Twilight Zone' episodes "The Invaders" and "The Little People".  (The giant spacemen at the end were explorers from Brobdingnag.)

The characters from the 'Twilight Zone' episode "Stopover In A Quiet Town" were abducted by a Brobdignagian family to become pets for their "little" girl.  And thanks to Dana DeLoach, we can surmise what happened to her......


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