Thursday, July 11, 2013


TNT missed a great chance to have an in-joke crossover between two of their shows this week, and they wouldn't have needed to tangle with the logistics of competing producers or the cost of hiring the actors. All it needed was a slight rewrite of the script - no more than a name change!

On 'Major Crimes', Los Angeles Police Captain Raydor wanted to send Lt. Provenza to Boston in order to learn more about their best supsect... who was officially listed as dead. But her immediate boss, Commander Taylor, couldn't justify the cost. He suggested that the team contact an Inspector Kepler in Boston and have him send them the full jacket on their suspect.

All Taylor needed to do was suggest that they contact Lt. Sean Cavanaugh and we would have had a legitimate link to 'Rizzoli & Isles'! And that could have led to Lt. Cavanaugh (played by Brian Goodman) becoming the next John Munch: a regular on 'Rizzolit & Isles' but mentioned or guest-starring on the other TNT shows like 'Major Crimes', 'Perception', 'King & Maxwell', and 'Franklin & Bash'.

Oh well. Maybe next time.....


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